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HIGHLIGHTS OF SERVICE: (Common for both Stocks & Commodities Traders)

No fixed fee. No Advanced fee. Only Performance-based Profit-Sharing fee.
20% profit sharing fee on NET PROFITS Only.
Daily reporting by SMS & Email.
Tips given by SMS & Personal phone call.
Trading calls will be sent by ultra-speed SMS service, but Personal Phone Call assistance is also provided.
Intraday, btst, stbt, and Weekly trading calls only.
Trading calls in both Stocks and Commodities will be of intraday, and position both types. The holding duration of positional calls will not be more than 1 week.
Stocks & Commodity both Segments Covered.
Trading Calls are provided in both Equity and commodity segment as per trader’s preference. Also the Features and Guidelines are same for both segments.
Requirement of minimum Cash Margin/Turn Over/Exposure.
Any person want to join our profit sharing advice, require Rs.1 Lakh to Rs.5 Lakh, or exposure equivalent to what one gets in Rs.5 Lakh amount.
Payment of our Share of Profit/Performance based fee.
The member is required to deposit our share of profit, before 11:00 AM of the next working day in order to continue his service.
Trigger amount for our Profit-Sharing Fee.
The member has to deposit our share of profit as stipulated above, as soon as our Claimable Profit Share crosses an amount of Rs.4000 INR.
Trading Calls method.
All trading calls will be given with Clear Entry (cmp/above/below/between), Target (tp1, tp2), and Stoploss (first SL, then Trailing SL) levels. Constant updates as may be necessary will also be given.
Why PROFIT-SHARING based trading calls are better than any other kind of tips service?
  • No fixed fee: Profit sharing based trading advisors doesn’t take any advance fees unlike other stock trading tips providers. This clearly eliminates the risk of losing money in terms of fees to non-genuine stock advisors. This is the best part.
  • Performance counts: In profit sharing based trading advice, the client does not pay any fee until he makes profit. Thus, fee is only paid on net profit earned by the client by following the advisor’s tips. Thus, you get complete value for your money. You pay only for good calls and you don’t pay any money if the advisors’ tips don’t work to make you profit.
  • First Earn, then pay: In Profit sharing based trading tips you first earn profit and then give fee. While in other non-performance based tips advice, you have to pay advance fixed money.
  • Individual attention: In profit sharing based tips service, the advisor pays special, and individual attention on each client, as he has to take fee based on each client’s profit. So this also serves well in benefit of the client, who gets individualize attention. While in other tips services, you don’t get such individual attention, your number is added in long list of clients, and sms is shot to all. The same message is received by many clients including you, and the disadvantages of it are altogether different, like high volatility in recommended stock, entry-exit at wrong price/problem and so on.
  • Good for Small & Big both type of traders: Performance based or profit-sharing based tips service is suitable for both big/HNI and small traders. Big traders likes personalized attention on phone, and as their stakes are bigger in each trade, they want higher assurance of accuracy and reliability from analyst. They can afford to give 20% performance based fee on profit generated, but cannot afford to lose money on bad tips as their losses are big due to large positions. Thus, Big traders should take only profit-sharing analyst tips. If you are a small trader, then you need to grow big. At the same time as you are small trader, you cannot afford high fees, and also cannot afford continuous losses, as you are trading with small capital. So, to make sure of all this, you must take only profit sharing analyst’ advice.
  • No reliability issue: Most of the times the analyst is placed at a distance location and you deal with him on phone or email and sms. As you are not giving any fixed or advance charge, in profit-sharing based tips, you are completely safe with the uncertainty that the analyst is good or not or reliable or cheat. However, in fixed fee schemes, you are forced to put trust and rely on chances that the analyst providing tips is good and genuine which is not so in most of the case as you know.
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